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The correct maintenance you car exhaust pipe

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A, about the prevent muffler rust:

1. To prevent internal water muffler. When a rainy day or wash the car driving, we should prevent the internal water muffler. After the water, should start engine idle speed hot car at least ten minutes, try to make internal water discharge. This is very important!

2. Suggest in the muffler with internal coating anticorrosive oil, the oil of the specific way is:

1) remove the silencer, blocking the lowest position of central muffler drain;

2) from the muffler and engine connected to the flange place about fifty ml rust-preventative oil, shaking muffler let rust-preventative oil evenly into the barrel, and then loaded on muffler;

3) starting engine, due to the muffler temperature rise gradually, rust-proof oil heating occurs after volatile, muffler tail will take the blue smoke. But the blue smoke will disappear after twenty kilometers in driving. Blue smoke disappears, cancel the scupper tamper;

4) suggest a new car after registration in a refueling maintenance, usually by once every six months come on maintenance.