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Domestic automobile lightweight will enable the casting mould sparetime university development

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As the global economic recession, in recent years the domestic casting more and more intense market competition, many enterprises are faced with weak by merger or elimination of the risk, and auto industry merger and reorganization also for the domestic casting industry provides the development opportunity, many of the auto industry development in the strength of the enterprise merger and reforming the weak after the enterprise strength, the expansion of production and market demand for foundry industry has made a contribution. And at the same time, the strength of the auto industry development as well as the development of foundry industry puts forward new quality and technical requirements of the development of the automobile industry will be for casting technology to promote completely a certain role.

It is reported, mainly depends on the development of automobile industry, die casting, casting industry in recent years will usher in a new development opportunity, automobile lightweight trend will lead to the development of new ideas in die casting industry. At present, China's die casting industry after years of development, the casting technology has reached a very high level, its development has been able to meet the basic needs of the car and other related industry. Large, complex, precision casting mould rely on imported this situation also have a certain degree of improvement. Then, our casting mould industry will maintain a high growth condition, the car industry to develop China casting mould stable casting mold market demand, improve the mould design and manufacturing level will be more rapid promote its healthy development.

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