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Car daily maintenance three system to improve the performance of the car

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Here only say pay little attention to the soft system, there are three big soft systems affect the automobile maximum efficiency, power, fuel, air, briefly introduce the car's performance to improve three soft system, each part of the detailed introduction, in view of the engine of the car's performance to ascend, is the engine power to ascend and reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions prolong engine life. The main purpose is to make into the engine of the combustible gas can fully, completely mixed, make strong spark ignition mixed gas full combustion. Here we introduce no changes to the engine internal parts, car and music car power protector, car maintenance soft system, just change the update products and subsidiary products to achieve from the gas circuit and electric circuit, the parameter of the three aspects of engine performance promotion methods. Its biggest advantage is that no modification and dismantling is convenient, is through the car maintenance soft system to improve the car the best condition.

1, gas path: increased unit time into the engine cylinder inside the air quantity, reduce the engine intake resistance, this is the engine intake part of the goal of ascension. It is usually a high flow change the original style, in addition the critical wind stick, placed in inlet box can through its own energy release effect, will enter the air cluster decomposition produces a large number of negative ion air, and the original air molecules disorder disorder of movement, become aligned linear motion, let the engine to thin combustion state, make the engine speed climb faster power stronger.

2, oil, gasoline through the nozzle was after spray into the engine cylinder inside, and gas atomization degree decided it and air mixing effect. Therefore, the better gas atomization, the better the mixed with air and make full combustion. For many of the oil in the way of modification, the physical type fuel supercharger is a effective method, increasing gas flow injection more refining. The latest USES the rare element energy ring, the engine after heating, release the far infrared ray will slip over fuel molecular mass 'decomposition' into a single molecules, nozzle of gas atomization effect is better.

3, circuit, circuit and divided into ten big system, now car for safety, intelligent, entertainment turn of electronic equipment, more cars in a variety of electronic equipment used at the same time, the engine power is (air conditioning, sound, light, electric Windows, etc.) dispersion, commonly known as "rob electric" easy to cause each sensor and signal is incorrect, car maintenance power system optimal is important, the original is through the battery to supply electric power, but the battery discharge speed does not follow to go up, battery supply engine power stability, spark plug ignition efficiency, ignition wire conductive ability and positive and negative voltage balance, the engine power has a great influence. Therefore we can through the change point firewire, spark plug, and the automobile electric protector current balance device and supporting facilities, to reduce the power load, improve the energy of the ignition, flame propagation speed is added fast and shorten the flame propagation distance, make the engine combustion better. Reduce carbon, reduce emissions.

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