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Analytic: pneumatic screwdriver maintenance six points choose appropriate tools

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Pneumatic tool is mainly used to tighten mounting, automobile manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts production, equipment maintenance, aviation is the application of the main industry. Elaboration, reliability, durability is the function of the pneumatic tool to measure standard.

Pneumatic screwdriver

Rotary kind of pneumatic tool quality depends on the six aspects: 1. The built-in pneumatic motor (rotary power) performance; 2. Drive mechanism parts used metal materials and processing mode; 3. Parts processing precision and tool assembly accuracy, 4. Tool design, production innovation, optimization, improvement; 5. Quality control; 6. The correct and reasonable use.

Pneumatic tools operation and maintenance basic six points

1. The correct generation of air supply system:

Inlet pressure in the entrance tools (not air compressor of the gas pressure) general for 90 psig (6.2 Kg/cm ^ 2), is too high, too low are beneath the tool performance and life.

Air inlet must contain sufficient oil, so that tool in pneumatic motor fully lubrication (can buy a white paper on tool exhaust place examine whether there is oily be soiled, normal to oily be soiled phenomenon).

Air inlet must do not water a, if the air is dry machine without reducing air is not appropriate.

2. Not to dismantle the tool parts after operation, in addition to affect the safety of operator shut the tool damage.

3. If the tool slightly fault or by the use of cannot achieve the original function, do not continue to use, to immediately check.

4. Regular (about once a week) inspection, maintenance tools, add butter (Grease) in bearing rotating parts, add Oil (Oil) in pneumatic motor parts.

5. Use all kinds of tools, be sure to follow all safety rules and instructions operation.

6. Should choose appropriate tools work, tools too easy to cause the work injury, tool is too small easy to cause tool damage.